Zofia Zwieglinska

  • Aug 10, 2022
    Is it too late for brands to get into NFTs?

    Experts and designers across fashion, including namesake brand founders Rebecca Minkoff and Charlie Cohen, are saying it's just the beginning for the web3 landscape. For them, now is the time to focus on investing, hiring, building the product and understanding the community. 

  • Aug 8, 2022
    Stadium Goods on how to launch a web3 brand event

    Neha Dayal, director of innovation strategy at Stadium Goods, discusses the strategy behind the company's recent web3-focused event, including what worked and what learnings it provided that other brands should consider. 

  • Aug 5, 2022
    The Weekend Briefing: Luxury brands are still investing in web3

    In this weekend’s edition, we take a look at all the web3 moves that were made by brands including Tiffany & Co., Gucci and MHRS. We also spotlight Addison Rae’s deleted Adidas x Prayer campaign and ThredUp's new CMO hire. On the beauty side, Ulta Beauty entered the VC space,...

  • Aug 5, 2022
    The North Face is leading the refurbished product proposition

    Leveraging new partnerships with a waterless cleaning service and resale e-commerce platform, The North Face is striving to increase annual sales through its Renewed resale program by a double-digit percentage. The North Face has grown its annual revenue 21% since 2020, to $3.26 billion.

  • Aug 4, 2022
    Creating a fashion brand for the web3 customer

    A metaverse-integrated brand with tech consumers in mind has just come to market. 

  • Aug 4, 2022
    ‘A circular solution’: Pangaia’s new collection was dyed using textile waste

    On Thursday, Pangaia debuted its Re-color capsule line, a collection that uses dyes from textile waste offcuts. The brand worked with Italian dye company Officina+39 to use its Recycrom technology for the collection. Dyeing clothes is one of the most harmful and carbon-intensive processes in fashion, so the use of...

  • Aug 1, 2022
    Better brand accountability is coming to beauty

    U.K.-based beauty and wellness brand The Nue Co. released its first sustainability report on Monday, shedding light on how younger brands are future-proofing their sustainability profile and advancing brand accountability across the industry. 

  • Aug 1, 2022
    Why reduced gas prices could accelerate NFTs’ traction among brands

    Seven-month-old NFT project and fashion brand Azuki released its first physical item, a reversible tiger-embroidered jacket, to holders of its tokens last week. Since February, it's been quietly giving users a way to reduce their transaction fees for trading NFTs. NFT projects have popularly focused on access to physical items...

  • Jul 28, 2022
    What progress on the Fabric Act means for fashion

    The Fabric Act went to the House of Representatives on Monday, opening up a way to protect garment workers and provide a route to nearshoring. The bill's implementation at the federal level could herald landmark change for U.S. fashion.